Latex Rubber Balloons


For balloons decor such as this, printing on the top of the balloons will maximise visitors attention

For balloons decor od 4 clusters such as the above, printing on the top of the balloons will have maximum visual impact.© 2013 Sri Cinmal Sdn Bhd.

Advertising is all around us in many forms and shapes both static and non static, both non animated and animated just like these scroller.
Consumers need to be frequently informed and be updated on the latest, be it a launch of a new product or just a gentle reminder on health issues.

We at Sri Cinmal Sdn Bhd, will help you get your ad message through by utilising our very own resource which is natural latex balloons and or other means as we discover along the way.Did we mention that we produce the balloons ourselves? Yes, proudly made in Malaysia!

Logos are silk-screen printed onto the balloons and we use only non toxic inks shipped in directly from the U.S.A. The dried inks must not peel and be able to withstand stretchability test as balloons are  inflated up to 400% of it’s original size. Colours available are the standard white, black, red and blue. On special request, inks such as brown, purple, yellow or pink are also available at affordable rates. Purchase of inks in large packs  of 16 kg or 18 kg steel drums are also available for direct purchase.

Rest assured that our turn around time for delivery of merchandise is “faster than quick” without compromising on quality control.

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