A little progress on website migration using the WordPress engine

Migration on computing stuff and doing redesigning is always an issue if you do not keep up with the current technology. Gone were the days when Frontpage and ftp softwares was solely used to setup websites, and I am delighted that this is so .

Not that Frontpage is totally useless or irrelevant but it is just that setting up and designing a webpage is so damn easy with a abundance of software out there, available free as well as the paid ones. Free because open source rawks!

I opt for the free wordpress engine (actually was highly recommended by a good friend from alexmoi.net) as it provides the beginner in me the stuff that i require without the additional bells and whistles. Today is day two on me messing around with the software and I manage to uncover hidden gems which made my work even less stressful

Damn, the mozzies are after my legs again. Do leave a reply as we can only improve via feedbacks 😉

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