Balloon Holders

Also generally known as balloon sticks, these accessory is basically a balloon holder to prevent air from escaping after a balloon is being inflated with normal air such as Oxygen.

Reasons why there is a emergence of this item was basically to provide an alternative for the consumer if he/she choses not to utilize the costlier helium gas, running to an average of RM 2.00 to fill up a balloon as compared to this accessory which one can get at less than RM 0.20 per piece

Apart from that, it is also used to tie a balloon on as not many users know how to tie off a balloon without bruises on their fingers especially if the numbers are high. There are proper methods to tie a balloon as shown here

Total length is 15 inches or 380 mm
Packing:1000 pieces to a export carton
Approximate weight of stick is 3.0 grams and cup weighs in at 1.2 grams per piece.

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