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Sharp pictures from camera phone?

In these days of social media where everyone paints a story with a picture, it is not that hard to get sharp and good looking pictures, in fact all you need is a pair of steady hands and most importantly wipe those fingerprints off your camera phone before shooting.!!!

Enjoy and keep sharing 🙂

Free Medical Check up for 2 million – Socso related

2 million to benefit from this initiative from the health ministry and Socso

Information for all SOCSO contributors who are 40 years old and above….according to info gathered from PERKESO, all free medical check-up “Vouchers” will be sent to the respective employers who are contributing in November 2012 which is to be distributed to their employees who are 40 years old and above. This “Vouchers” can be used once implemented in January 2013 for the prescribed check-ups. For more details, please get in touch directly with SOCSO @ 03-4257 5755 or 03-4264 5000 or press here to go to their website

Epf contribution by employers to increase by 1% to 13% w.e.f Jan 2012

1. Employer’s EPF Statutory Contribution is 13% for Employees Earning Up to RM5,000/month

a. The employer’s EPF statutory contribution rate for employees earning RM5,000 and below a month effective from January 2012 wages (February 2012 contribution) onwards is as follows:

Below 55 years old @ 13%. Old rate is 12%

55 -75 years old @ 6.5%. Old rate is 6%

b. Entitlement to the 13% contribution rate is based on monthly total earnings i.e. basic wages and all other wage components under EPF.The new ruling does not apply to those earning basic salary of more than RM 5000.00/month

c. The employer may retain the current contribution rate if the rate is higher than the new statutory contribution rate. However, if employment terms indicate that the employer shall contribute extra on top of the statutory rate, then the new contribution rate is the extra rate plus 1%.

d. The employee’s statutory contribution rate remains at 11% for all employees below 55 years and 5.5% for those aged 55 to 75 years.

If you still had not nominated a beneficiary , please do so by by visiting EPF here


A little progress on website migration using the WordPress engine

Migration on computing stuff and doing redesigning is always an issue if you do not keep up with the current technology. Gone were the days when Frontpage and ftp softwares was solely used to setup websites, and I am delighted that this is so .

Not that Frontpage is totally useless or irrelevant but it is just that setting up and designing a webpage is so damn easy with a abundance of software out there, available free as well as the paid ones. Free because open source rawks!

I opt for the free wordpress engine (actually was highly recommended by a good friend from as it provides the beginner in me the stuff that i require without the additional bells and whistles. Today is day two on me messing around with the software and I manage to uncover hidden gems which made my work even less stressful

Damn, the mozzies are after my legs again. Do leave a reply as we can only improve via feedbacks 😉

A new home for

Dear Net users

Yes, we are doing migration work from our old hosting company to a new linux based platform, please bear with us as we will be back up in no time. In the meantime for those of you who are wondering about the hosting cost, let me tell you it is only less than 200 ringgit per year to host our site. Competition is good for consumers, always


Sri Cinmal Sdn Bhd
17 & 17A , Jalan Jejaka 3
Taman Maluri, Cheras
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS:- 3.1304, 101.7300 or for directions, search for Sri Cinmal in Google maps
Tel: 03-9282 8888, 03-9285 6668, 03-9285 6658. Fax: 03-9285 6118


Editing subject lines in thunderbird email program

Ever wanted to edit the subject lines of a certain important email? Fret no more cos Mozilla has got just the answer for your request with their program called

EditEmailSubject version 2.0.2

Feedback from some of the users:-

Brilliantly simple, and solves one of the most annoying aspects of email correspondence: receiving an email message with a subject that does not match. Nice work!
This is stupendous! I always wanted this! This is for version 14.0. Just FYI for y’all – this only changes the subject of the message in the main message pane. If you look at the subject in the header bar of the message, it is unchanged – which is good, because it reflects to you what the sender named it.